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Roofing, Siding, and Door and Window Replacement
for Lee, Howland, and Burlington, ME

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Get roofing, siding, and door and window replacement for Lee, Howland, and Burlington, ME, from Alpha Construction & Fabrication, LLC. Our roofs, siding, doors, and windows all suffer through a variety of elements. Maine weather can throw different challenges at homes in Lee, Howland, Burlington, and the surrounding communities. This brings damage.

Let us find the right solution for all of your potential repair needs. Our contractors will work with you to determine the right fit for your property. You will get the increased value and improved appearance for which you are hoping. Call us at (207) 290-9161 today for an appointment and an estimate.

Building a Roof Over You in Lee, ME, and Penobscot County, ME

Our roofs are constructed with a wide array of durable materials, ranging from asphalt and shingles to tile and metal. Count on our contractors to determine what best fits your home in Lee and throughout Penobscot County. We will carefully look at your property to devise the right solution to fit your situation. Each roof comes in a variety of colors and textures to complement your home. You always get the most affordable roofing option for where you live.

Improving Your Siding in Howland, ME, and Penobscot County, ME

Cracks, damaged vinyl, warping, buckling, or moisture can take its toll on your siding on your home in Howland or across Penobscot County. Make sure that your exterior presents the best image of you. We have a great solution for your situation. We have a quality selection of siding options for your replacement project, including vinyl, brick, and wood. Our contractors will help you to best determine what works with your home’s aesthetic.

Reliable Door Replacement for Burlington, ME, and Penobscot County, ME

A new door can help you in a variety of ways, making your home more energy-efficient and giving it a welcoming feel. Let us find the right fit from a variety of styles to improve your curb appeal. Our doors are low-maintenance and feature smart front-door technology and more. Check out some of the top brands to fit your needs in Burlington and Penobscot County.

Replace Those Old Drafty Windows in Your Home

Why allow your old windows to hurt your wallet? Alpha Construction & Fabrication, LLC has and can install many of the top, most trusted brands. They are energy-efficient and add beauty to your property. These windows are made with strong, reliable materials. Enjoy the beautiful views outside of your home and improve your property value.

Trust Alpha Construction & Fabrication, LLC for roofing, siding, and door and window replacement for Lee, Howland, and Burlington, ME.